Bactocool Aquarium

Start up of a new aquarium

Without Bactocool it takes 30 to 45 days for the toxic substances ammonia and nitrite to be converted into harmless nitrate. During this long start-up period fatal doses of ammonia and nitrite may be formed. By using Bactocool the biological balance will be achieved in a very short time (just a few days). This will allow the fish to be immediately added to the aquarium.

Existing aquarium

After cleaning your filter, a medical treatment or when adding extra fish the required biological balance may be disturbed. Avoid sudden mortality caused by ammonia and nitrite by using Bactocool.

How to use Bactocool ?

Shake well before use.
A bottle of 100 ml can be used to treat aquaria up to 250 litres.
It is recommended to add Bactocool in the filter if there is one.
If a higher dose has been used, the aquarium water can become temporarily turbid.
This is perfectly normal and will disappear after 1 or 2 days.

Storage life

Since Bactocool contains living bacteria, we advise you to keep the product refrigerated (4 °C).
The product remains safe to be used once the best-before date has passed, although its effectiveness may be reduced.


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