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Start up of a new pond

At the start-up of a new pond a huge variety of good bacteria is needed before it is safe to introduce the fish.  The most important group, the nitrifying bacteria, are not present when starting up a new pond. The use of Bactocool ensures that these essential bacteria are present in large amounts right from the start.

500 ml  for 5000 litres  of pond water
1 litre for 10000 litres of pond water

Addition of extra fish to an existing pond

Whenever extra fish are added to an existing pond, the filter has to process additional waste material. If the bacteria already present in the pond are unable to convert this additional waste material into harmless forms in time, ammonia or nitrite problems may occur.

Avoid sudden mortality and use Bactocool to improve the effectiveness of the filter.

500 ml for 5.000 litres of pond water
1 litre for 10.000 litres of pond water

Maintenance of your pond

To prepare your pond after the winter period, we advise you to add Bactocool to your pond filter in spring (starting in March). Adding a culture of living nitrifying bacteria ensures a rapid recovery of the biological balance once the winter is over.

After cleaning your filter or after medical treatment the required biological balance may be disturbed. Avoid sudden mortality caused by ammonia and nitrite and use Bactocool to improve the effectiveness of the filter.

500 ml for 25.000 litres of pond water
1 litre for 50.000 litres of pond water

How to use Bactocool ?

Shake well before use.
It is recommended to add Bactocool in the filter if there is one.
Since Bactocool contains living bacteria, the UV lamp must be turned off for 7 days.
After this period the bacteria are sufficiently attached to the filter and can no longer be damaged by ultraviolet rays.

Storage life

Since Bactocool contains living bacteria, we advise you to keep the product refrigerated (4 °C).
The product remains safe to be used once the best-before date has passed, although its effectiveness may be reduced.


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